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The functionality included in Beaver is just basic functionality, so Beaver stays light-weight.
Other features are available through plugins.

For users:

Currently, the following plugins are available. Extract the archive, then open a terminal and go to the extraction directory. Do make and, when finished, make install to install system-wide, or make install_local to install the plugin in your home directory. Now, the plugin is available the next time you start Beaver. You can activate plugins via the Plugins dialog (Tools > Plugins).
Name Description Author Download
Tools Color picker, insert time, base converter, upper/lower case conversion, UNIX/Dos/Mac format conversion Beaver developers [link]
Ascii art Add a word in ascii art letters to your document Beaver developers [link]

For developers:

The Beaver API consists of several functions for important tasks in Beaver: text processing, message dialogs, menu/toolbar items and file dialogs. Check the API documentation to see how those API functions work, or read the tutorial to learn how a Beaver plugin is written.